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It has been fluctuating at a high level above 100. # When can Bitcoin dip?image Updated on August 18th, the time for bottom-hunting is far from here. The reason is to open a short contract, the reason is very simple, the US dollar index. The minimum interest rate is 100 basis points, and the maximum rate is 150 basis points. dollar interest rate hike cycle. It is foreseeable that September and December will increase twice. Then Bitcoin will be a virgin before the end of the year A clear descending channel, the Bitcoin price Corresponding to the US dollar index, the current fluctuation range of the US dollar index is 110 to 105, and BNB the corresponding bitcoin fluctuation country is 25,000 to 25,000 US dollars. According to the minutes of the latest Fed meeting, bitcoin and market analysis, this round of interest rate hikes is expected to be significant. The approximate end time is the fourth quarter of 2022, and the first quarter of 2023 may enter the emergency reduction cycle. Bitcoin due to Institutional participation is already an oligopoly market, and this market structure is suitable for Bitcoin to accelerate after the US dollar rate cut cycle! Therefore, the optimal intervention time point is 12 In this month, the dollar index must be lower than 100 as determined by the dollar index, which is a necessary condition for the previous cycle of the bit market strength. Bitcoin’s breakthrough last year requires the end of the U.S. My quantitative model network has been running for a month. I used a macro quantitative model to model and analyze the market value of Bitcoin. Updated on August 19th, Bitcoin gives face, the answer written on the evening of August 18th plummeted on the 19th today, dear friends, please don’t copy At the bottom, the periodic bottom of Bitcoin is $15,000, and the bottom is $10,000. Updated on August 20th. A real increase of 75 basis points or 50 basis points is enough for the U.S. Remember to bounce back empty, the closer the high $25,000 is, the higher the leverage you can add. dollar index to go higher, but the capital market is too sensitive now, causing Bitcoin to explode fall. Yesterday, the Bitcoin explosion The reason for the drop is simply that the Fed’s hawkish remarks have greatly increased the probability of raising interest rates by 75 basis points on September 22, to about 65%. Talking about a detailed operation, according to the macro quantitative model, it is predicted that Bitcoin will have a strong rebound in October. My Bitcoin macro quantitative model is to use multiple factors to measure Bitcoin Trend analysis, mainly based on the US dollar index, plus several high-frequency factors to filter market noise. If you want to short-circuit If you go long at the end of September, there is a high probability that there will be a strong rebound of more than 5%. On August 21st, I have a lot fewer decorations than collections. I’m in a good mood to make money these days. Before the test phase, the effect is good! First of all, in the eyes of European and American financial institutions, Bitcoin is a high-risk asset, Binance not a safe-haven asset that many big Vs blow! financial knowledge, Risk assets have high returns, how much risk do you take to get how much return? Bitcoin can't resist Tongsheng, US CPL is higher, and Bitcoin plummeted all the way. Everyone, please order more buildings. When you look at Bitcoin by pretending to be a high-risk consultancy for a long time, everyone will be clear. In the future, the prediction of the Bitcoin trend by the macro quantitative model of the Bitcoin market will be especially updated in this post. Celebrate the extreme logic of large institutions. Then, looking at Bitcoin according to high-risk assets, everyone knows that the operation logic of large European and American institutions will sell high-risk assets during the interest rate hike cycle. Large institutions in Europe and the United States need liquidity most in the interest rate hike cycle. I’d like to share with you how large European and American institutions think about Bitcoin asset allocation so that everyone can be less Take a detour. This is why Bitcoin is smashed after a little rebound. Configuration, in a large institution, is nothing more than venture capital. The asset allocation table of bitcoin in large institutions in Europe and the United States is less than 1%. If you invest, you will earn several times, and if you lose, it will be emptied, and no one will be a banker at all! This is the automatic trading of quantitative programs. So why does Bitcoin fluctuate sharply in a short period? The quantitative model will buy when it detects a large signal, and will sell short when it encounters a signal characteristic of a big drop; while the characteristics of the quantitative horizontal detection signal used by large institutions are similar, so it is a short-term violent fluctuation. I will tell you about the big market changes when I am in a good mood. The macro quantitative model I made detected abnormal market fluctuations on the 18th. Many people view the bitcoin market with the idea of ​​​​making a bookmaker. Data can be fed back quickly. Bitcoin transactions, regardless of their size, require full-chain broadcast. Safe-haven assets are bonds, especially U.S. The computing power of the entire network and the power consumption per unit of Bitcoin. The quantitative indicators of the bitcoin market are very simple because the bitcoin market is fully transparent, all quantitative indicators can be traced on the chain, and there are large fluctuations on the chain. The financial fraud is assumed to be fined 600,000. Many data in the stock market have problems and need to be processed to filter out false data. There are often large-scale equity transfers in the stock market. This month, I did a macro quantitative model of Bitcoin and found that the most difficult topic in the stock market is the easiest in the Bitcoin market. In the second update on August 21, to answer questions, I have only done a macro quantitative analysis of Bitcoin for one month, mainly based on the data on the chain, the US dollar index Number, the macro quantitative analysis model made by the NC library. old money hates bitcoin because bitcoin has no dealers, all data chains have It is transparent. The Bitcoin market is indeed valuable because Bitcoin has an upstream mining card industry and a downstream mining industry. Therefore, Bitcoin can be simply compared to a high-growth stock, high-risk, high-volatility Move, high returns. According to the usage scenarios of Bitcoin, for example, Iran, Venezuela, Should you loved this post and you wish to receive more details regarding Binance generously visit our own webpage. Russia, and countries sanctioned by the United States can use Bitcoin when they break through the restrictions of the SWIFT settlement system. For some restricted settlements, the annual demand for Bitcoin in circulation according to the upper limit is US$5 trillion. business, and can carry out real commodity trading. The Bitcoin market is a fully efficient market, which is very suitable for quantitative trading! The most difficult thing for me to do stock macro quantification is to collect data. If you have any questions, you can directly chat privately and improve together. With complete data collection, the quantitative model is highly effective. Why I don't discuss altcoins, the reason is very simple, altcoins do not have upstream and downstream industry chains, and their value will naturally weaken over time and eventually return to zero! I have no plans to open a group. It was the quantification program that detected abnormal data on the 18th chain, and there were a large number of bitcoin transfer addresses.image

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